Going UP!

Currently Brooks Painting completed a very complex project for Sunseri Construction at the Arden fair Mall in Sacramento, CA. Arden Fair Mall added LED lighting and T.V. screens to the outside of the main customer elevator. This new look flashes hip marketing and company advertisement images for customers to see. At a glance it seems pretty easy, add some metal support, add some metal LED brackets and paint everything nicely. But with multiple trades needed to take this elevator from just a point of travel to a MEGA Big Screen T.V. has been a challenge. Many hours of night work were needed to complete this product with as little disruption to customers and businesses as possible. With this being such a highly custom project and not something you do every day, a lot of changes were made while on the jobsite. Hundreds of feet of electrical conduit and junction boxes need to be painted prior to installation. Flex conduit needed to be painted, nuts and bolts were painted. The idea of painting every component was to make everything have a finished look and all blend in together.

All the metal was painted with Breakthrough, supplied by The Paint Warehouse near Arden Mall. PPG coatings were used to paint drywall and areas needing repairs for all the additional electrical need to supply power to the new LED screens. I believe the cost per 2×2 square area of Led runs about $3, 000 dollars. The outer side is roughly 1,100 square feet.

Below see the before to completion of the steel structure adde

d to the exterior of elevator.



Successful Paint Recycling Event

Brooks Painting is always looking for new ways to give back to our community, so this year we decided to rent a storage container and accept leftover household paint from anyone in Yolo County. It was collected at our office parking lot in Davis, CA.  We advertised it in the newspaper, through email blasts, and word of mouth.  It was a huge success, and so many people were appreciative of an easy spot to drop off at.  Last week our office staff helped load up 1,500 gallons of paint to be recycled through the California Paint Care Program!  If you did miss out, we plan on making this an annual event, so mark your calendar for next August if you’re in the Yolo County area.

Picking Paint Sheen

We all know how fun it is to pick out paint colors for your home, but what about deciding which paint finishes to go with? A very basic rule of thumb is: “The higher the sheen, the higher the shine will be, and the higher the shine, the easier it is to clean.”  Here is some more detail about paint color finish sheens:


Flat finishes are the easiest to touch up and are excellent with hiding imperfections but they are hardest to clean. These finishes are great for adult bedrooms or other low traffic areas in your home.


True to its name, this finish will look just like the shell of an egg. Eggshell has better durability and cleans better than a flat finish. This finish is a great choice for living and dining rooms.


This pearly finish is easy to clean and works great for high traffic areas which are prone to getting scuffed and scratched such as hallways. We also recommend using satin for children and family rooms. Even though this finish is easy to clean, it is hard to touch up since any imperfection is easily noticed.


The best sheen to use for your kitchen or bathroom walls is the long lasting and stain resistant.  This finish is resistant to humidity and can withstand bumps and scuffs as well. Semi-gloss is also a great finish to use for doors, windows, baseboards and crown moldings because of its high durability.


High gloss is the easiest to clean and also the most durable of all the finishes. Sound too good to be true? Yes, because this sheen has too much shine for interior walls and should only be used for wood trim where you want a brilliant sheen with a lot of reflectivity such as cabinets. It is rarely used for walls because of its ultra-shiny appearance. This finish is the hardest to touch up since it highlights any imperfections.

Brooks Painting Charity Paint 2014

Last Saturday was Brooks Painting’s 8th annual charity paint give-away. This year we donated our services to the Davis Arts Center in Davis, CA. It was a very productive day painting the entire exterior of their building. Our awesome employees worked very hard and it paid off. Here are a couple pictures form our work day.

The volunteers of the day

The recipient


August is Free Paint Recycling in Davis

Brooks Painting in Davis, CA will be hosting a free paint recycling event August 4-29, 2014. As you clean out or organize your garage or storage spaces, you can pull out old paint that you don’t need anymore and bring it to our recycle event and we will make sure it gets to the California Paint Care program for proper recycling. We will be available to accept your paint at our office at 2860 West Covell Blvd. #5, Davis, from August 4th to August 29th. We are here Monday through Friday, 8am-5pm, closed for lunch 12-1.

  • People should consider keeping a little bit of the paint currently on their walls so it can be matched if they need that same color in the future.
  • Paint must be in its original container and we cannot accept cans that are leaking or not properly secured.
  • No aerosol products. This program is for architectural coatings only (no thinners, automotive coatings, etc.)
  • It does not matter how old the paint is.
  • Currently, there is no retail facility in Davis acting as a Paint Care drop-off site (according to the Paint Care website). The Yolo County Landfill and some retailers in Woodland will accept it.  Brooks Painting is trying to make it easy and convenient for consumers in our community to recycle their paint by hosting this August event.