Ceilings can use color too!

Often people forget to even consider ceiling color when doing interior painting. They just assume they should use some shade of white. But there are a lot more choices than that! Sometimes white is the right choice, but have an open mind and consider some other options. BenjaminMoore.com says “Ceilings are often the Forgotten Fifth Wall in a room. Too often, little thought is given to a ceiling’s contribution to the overall room design, which is typically just coated in some ubiquitous white paint.

Look at your ceilings from a new perspective. Color, sheen, pattern, and texture on the ceiling can transform the entire look and feel of a room. So the next time you’re ready to refresh the look of a room and don’t know where to begin—look up!”

Here are some inspirational photos of what an impact ceilings in color can have.

Have Old Stained Cabinets?

In the photos below you can see how painting stained kitchen cabinets can change the entire look of a kitchen. This particular customer in Granite Bay, Ca. was just tried of their old stained cabinets and wanted a new look without having to pay the expense of new cabinets. We met with them and offered different finishing solutions, from changing the stain color to painting the cabinets a white or even light grey color with an accent color on the island cabinets. Our customer, after much consideration, decided to go with a painted off white cabinet and replace the hardware with something more current. They did get three bids and found our prices competitive but with more personable services. Our sales representative helped pick the colors and explained to them one of the processes Brooks Painting uses to do cabinets. We finished this particular kitchen with Benjamin-Moore Cabinet coat eggshell finish for a very elegant, classy look. Our client was so pleased with their new kitchen they said we could list them as a reference and show anyone in the area their kitchen. I wish I could say it was just Brooks Painting that made this all work and turn out so well, but it takes a client too. Clients and the relationship are so important when you’re working in or on someone’s personal residence. It definitely takes a whole team to score a win-win for everyone involved. Thank you Mr. and Mrs. Nichols for being great customers and trusting us to help you give you a kitchen you love.





Can You Paint Thermofoil Cabinets?

What is Thermofoil?

Thermofoil is a plastic material which is heat baked on to an MDF substrate.  The sheen can very, and is very durable.  While the sheen and texture can vary, it is typically in a white satin finish.  The main benefits of Thermofoil are that it is factory applied and very durable.  The downsides are it looks plastic, and is very susceptible to heat and moisture.

Painting Thermofoil Cabinets

We are asked quite often if you can paint over this surface.  The answer is yes.  Thermofoil actually paints very similar to normal cabinets.  The prep is critical to ensure the new paint adheres.  The cleaning and proper primer are a must, to ensure the finish lasts.  You can expect your new paint to last roughly 10 years.  The cost should be about the same as painting wood cabinets.

Cabinet Painting in Yolo and Sacramento Counties

While Brooks Painting is based in Davis, we serve most of Northern California.  If you are looking for a cost effective way of making over your kitchen, bathroom, or any cabinets call Brooks Painting at 530-753-5074.  We have been providing outstanding service and cabinet painting in Northern California, Yolo, and Sacramento Counties since 1997.  You can also schedule an appointment online by clicking here.

8th Annual Charity Paint Giveaway!

Now is the time to nominate a deserving family, person, or charitable organization to receive up to $10,000 in painting services, brought to you by Brooks Painting, Inc.!
It is time for our eighth annual Charity Paint Giveaway nominations! Brooks Painting is proud to support and give back to our community. We are donating up to $10,000 in time and painting services to a local person, family, or charitable organization. Past recipients are: Davis Little League, the Sharp family, the Sexual Assault and Domestic Violence Center of Yolo County, Davis Summer House, Hillel House, Yolo County Animal Shelter, and last year’s recipient, YCCC Safe Harbor House. 

Once again, We need your help!

You can participate by:

1) Nominating a recipient

2) Voting for the finalist online

3) Volunteering to help or donate with the project.

We are collecting nominations through April 25,2014. For your nomination to be considered, please  click here to the nomination form on our website.

After nominations close the top 3 finalists will be selected. Their stories will be posted on our charity web page and voting will be through May 21st. Please come back to read the stories and vote on which finalist you’d like us to award with the painting makeover.

For questions on volunteering and donating to this year’s project, please contact our office at 530.753.5074 or email us.

Thank you for taking the time to consider who your nominee will be and please vote in May! We are looking forward to discovering this year’s recipient and working on their project.

Old Commercial Building in West Sacramento Gets a New Attitude!

Commercial Painting in the Greater Sacramento Areas

Brooks Painting has been investing more time and resources to do more commercial work in the Davis, Woodland, and Sacramento areas than we have done in the past. Our commercial painting division has seen a considerable amount of growth and work in the last year. We’re enjoying the new working relationships and considerations general contractors have been giving us and look forward to more growth by the end of this year. Our vendors Sherwin-Williams, Kelly-Moore and All Seasons Paint Store have been instrumental in helping us grow our business and resources.

West Sacramento Painting Project

Brooks Painting has just recently painted an existing commercial building for Maclaughlin and Company for their tenant Sac Val in West Sacramento, Ca. Normally Maclaughlin has their buildings painting in a flat finish, but we suggested a low sheen finish like we usually recommend and the Debbie Regan with Maclaughlin and Company just loved the finish and look on this building. In her own words this building was painted so badly last time and she was just amazed what a difference this building looks. Barbara with Sac Val also complimented on how the corporate building just looks great.

Kelly-Moore paints was instrumental in the coating selects and dealing with the peeling issues this building had from poor paint jobs. The building was fully primed with Kel-Bond and top coated with 1245 low sheen. With these before and after shots below you can see how changing the color can give your building a new attitude!

Before / After