Brooks Painting Charity Paint 2014

Last Saturday was Brooks Painting’s 8th annual charity paint give-away. This year we donated our services to the Davis Arts Center in Davis, CA. It was a very productive day painting the entire exterior of their building. Our awesome employees worked very hard and it paid off. Here are a couple pictures form our work day.

The volunteers of the day

The recipient


August is Free Paint Recycling in Davis

Brooks Painting in Davis, CA will be hosting a free paint recycling event August 4-29, 2014. As you clean out or organize your garage or storage spaces, you can pull out old paint that you don’t need anymore and bring it to our recycle event and we will make sure it gets to the California Paint Care program for proper recycling. We will be available to accept your paint at our office at 2860 West Covell Blvd. #5, Davis, from August 4th to August 29th. We are here Monday through Friday, 8am-5pm, closed for lunch 12-1.

  • People should consider keeping a little bit of the paint currently on their walls so it can be matched if they need that same color in the future.
  • Paint must be in its original container and we cannot accept cans that are leaking or not properly secured.
  • No aerosol products. This program is for architectural coatings only (no thinners, automotive coatings, etc.)
  • It does not matter how old the paint is.
  • Currently, there is no retail facility in Davis acting as a Paint Care drop-off site (according to the Paint Care website). The Yolo County Landfill and some retailers in Woodland will accept it.  Brooks Painting is trying to make it easy and convenient for consumers in our community to recycle their paint by hosting this August event.


Beach House Color Change Project in Woodland CA

Get the Beach House Look!

We just finished an exterior painting job and the transformation from the track house color scheme to a Redondo Beach look was a success! Our client grew up in the Redondo Beach, California area and really want to make her last paint job on this home in Woodland, California a beach look. The real challenge was to create a beach color scheme that would still fit in the neighborhood she lives in. The wide window trim was great to have because it really helped give that Bungalow cottage look with the new colors. Diane had selected several colors and was looking at a variety of color charts.  Kevin, our sales representative, helped select the colors and apply samples to Diane’s home prior to the work being done.

Color Consulting Services

Brooks Painting has always offered color consulting to our customers. The process can be a bit scary for many who are indecisive on what colors to select and might need a little push in the right direction. We also will apply up to three color samples at no charge for the material and time to do so, as an extra service to clients and a thank you for hiring Brooks Painting. To our sales team, the fun part of the job is helping customers “Transform the color of your life”



Color in photo:

Body: Sherwin-Williams SW 0019 festoon Aqua

Trim: Sherwin-Williams SW 7564 Polar bear

Roof trim: Kelly-Moore KM 5356-3 Eye of the Tiger

What Do I Do With My Leftover Paint?

You just completed a paint job, or better yet, Brooks Painting just completed one for you.  You have leftover paint and want to figure out what to do with it.  Here are some perfect uses for the extra paint that you have sitting around.

1.)      Use it.  Accent walls are a great way to add a little pop with paint you have sitting around.  Maybe you have a small bedroom or bathroom that needs painting.  That old storage shed out back needs a new coat, or the side fence.  Look around your house and see what you can use that old paint for before you move on to the next steps.

2.)      Keep it.  It is always good to have touch up paint after a project is completed.  The way paint manufacturers are constantly being forced to change the makeup of paint, it is best to have an old can around.  Make sure it is labeled, and the lids are securely on so that no air gets to the paint.  Store it in a location where the temperatures will not freeze of get too hot.

3.)      Share it.  If you have a lot of paint leftover, offer it to your friends and family.  Has someone commented how much they love the color of your room or house?  Save them a few dollars and give them the paint.  Don’t forget to refer them to Brooks Painting.

4.)      Recycle it.  In California we now paint a fee on every quart, gallon, and five gallon bucket of paint we buy.  This goes to California Paint Care, our state paint recycling fee.  Most paint stores are required to take your old leftover paint, and most landfills have free drop-offs too.  Brooks Painting will be hosting a free recycling drop off for the month of August.  You can drop off any old paint cans, as long as they are in good condition and not leaking for free to our office.  We will then properly dispose of it for you.


Do You Know Who You Hired and Why?

Brooks Painting recently started an exterior painting project on 6 commercial concrete buildings that have not been painted in 15 years, and they were (are) a mess. During the process of the washing, prepping and painting we discovered a number of interesting things.

What Went Wrong Before Brooks Painting?

This particular commercial property owner previously hired another painting company and gave them the “keys to the store” as one would say. No one really watched what was going on.

  • You could tell where paint had peeled off the building and no primer was ever applied prior to doing the new paint job.
  • The paint was so thin you could see the original color showing through the darker top coat color.
  • Cracks in the concrete walls were filled with caulking and never smoothed out to blend in with the walls.
  • Concrete walls with large portions of the wall missing form settling were filled over with fiberglass.
  • Caulking was applied over the top to seal the fiberglass.
  • Duct tape was used to cover holes that should have been filled and patched with concrete.

The listed just goes on and on. This proves the point you get what you paid for. Just because someone says they are a licensed painter or painting company does not mean he has your best interest in mind. These types of guys stay busy, but do not last long, and when they close shop they change their company name. Then another group of painters just like them is ready to fill their shoes with the same poor craftsmanship.

Will Not Make the Same Mistake Twice

This client has learned a valuable lesson. This type of work has caused substantial damage to their buildings and caused more cost to re-paint and repair than it should have if it was done right the first time. Anybody can paint a building but not everybody should paint a building! It needs to be done with the proper safety equipment, tools, products and professionals!

When the goal of a property owner is the lowest price, you are setting everyone up for failure: the property owner and the painting company.

Start knowing who you are hiring. See the buildings they have done over the years. Call past clients to make sure they backed up their warranty if needed. You want a company that puts the interest of the client first. You want a working relationship with your subcontractors to build trust and loyalty for both parties involved. One last thing, this does not mean that the highest price companies are the best either. Sometimes they overbid a project because they do not know what they are doing either. So do your homework and make sure the company you hire stacks up to being the best for your painting needs.